Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to create an emergency hidden backdoor in Windows Vista or Windows 7?

First of all, if your a windows vista user don't worry this weakness can only be exploited if you gain access to an administer account first. WARNING!!! DOING THIS PUTS YOUR COMPUTER'S PRIVACY AT RISK!! In-case you don't know what a backdoor is, it is an alternate method of gain access to your computer than the one originally programed on to the computer!

Step 1:

Login to your administrator account

Step 2:

Go into system32. If you don't know how to go into system32, here is what to do. Click start, then click computer, then click windows, lastly look for and click system32 (shortcut in windows single-click any folder the type "sys" then the folder below the selected folder is system32)

Step 3:

Look for a file, either Magnify or Narrator, (shortcut in system32, type in the search bar the name of the file you choose). And rename the file something you can remember like backdoor. If you don't know how, here's what to do: right-click the file, then click rename, then type the file name, lastly press the enter key on your keyboard.

Step 4:

Look for a file called cmd (shortcut in system32, type in the search bar "cmd"). Then you rename it the file you chose in step 3 (Magnify or Narrator) And your done!

Now if you run Windows Vista or Windows 7 and you followed all of the instructions correctly when turn on your computer here how to use the backdoor. Click on ease of access, then click on the check of the file you chose in step 3 and then click ok. There should be a knew window open in that window type "explorer.exe" and lastly press the enter key on your keyboard

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