Tuesday, June 16, 2009

John Luke's Theory of Sight and Perspective

Sight is just a 2 dimensional image in one's mind. 2 dimensionality is a state of mind and 3 dimensionality is true state of everything you can visualize, with your eyes. In theory turning 2D into 3D is possible if enough detail and information is given and vice-versa.

2D is thought

3D is existence

4D is time

And to some people...

1D is spirit or life or energy


A painting as large as the human is able to see when far enough to think the painting is so detailed it is real life. To that person the painting is real, but it is really a thought (2D) projected in an image on paper (3D).

Albert Einstein theorized matter could be converted into energy and vice-versa. Since energy is the 1st dimension in theory, 1D can become 3D and 3D can become 1D.


1D can become 3D, 3D can become 1D, 3D can become 2D, 2D can become 1D, and 1D can become 2D

Although 4D (a.k.a. Time) is still to be questioned by quantum physicists.

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